Patented Bell Jar Design

The EpiPro chamber features a patented, bell-jar design that provides uniform delivery of reactant gases over a large area.  The bell jar design provides superior gas-flow dynamic and creates excellent deposit uniformity across the susceptor.

Dynamic Z-Motion

Dynamic Z- Motion of the susceptor minimises temperature gradient across the susceptors during heat-up.  Real time adjustments of the Z-axis during heating, in combination with the susceptor rotation, improves the slip performance and the thickness and resistivity uniformity.

N2 or H2 Purged Coil

The purged coil enclosure of the EpiPro system isolates the coil assembly from the process chamber, thus reducing the deposition on the coil for extended life and improved serviceability.

Ex-Situ Temperature Measurement

An ex-situ fiber optic sensor measures temperature on the back side of the susceptor so that temperature repeatability is not affected by the deposition process.  The ex-situ temperature measurement eliminates coating effect on the temperature measurement sensor, thus insuring excellent repeatability.

Low Frequency RF Power

To further improve temperature uniformity and to minimise slip, RF coupling to the susceptor has been dramatically enhanced by using an RF frequency of 25kHz.  The low-frequency RF power provides better power coupling from the coil to the susceptor through deeper penetration of the RF into the susceptor, thus producing better uniformity.



In addition to high productivity, the EpiPro 5000 provides considerable process advantages.  These include unparalleled process flexibility, high intrinsic resistivity for sharp doping transitions, excellent process uniformity, and cleanliness.

These factors combine to produce the broadest processing range and highest quality wafers available from a batch reactor.


The EpiPro 5000 has the flexibility to deposit the widest range of film thickness in the industry.

The two dopant inject systems (Standard and 3-Port Inject) give the customers the opportunity to deposit multiple layers with different resistivity levels as for the IGBT products in one process without extensive purge times (see IGBT SRP below).

- Thin Films: CMOS Logic, Low voltage FET
- Mid Films: Mid Voltage FET, Analog
- Thick Films: High Voltage FET, IGBT


The EpiPro  5000 includes several significant improvements for particle and contamination control.

These include:
- Ultra clean reaction chamber
- Purged, encapsulated RF coil
- Micro-stepped rotation assembly
- Dual speed lift assembly
- Cooling air duct around bell jar
- Stainless steel table top cover, hood and doors

Thickness & Resistivity Uniformity

The EpiPro 5000 provides excellent uniformity of film thickness and resistivity both within wafer and wafer-to-wafer.


Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 23.52.00.png
Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 23.52.15.png


Dual Reactor Design 

The Epipro 5000 dual reactor design allows for the heating of one reactor during the cooling of the other.  This results in a significant increase in throughput.

Large Batch Size

The dual-chambered EpiPro processes the largest epitaxial batch size available today, offering a significant improvement over competitive equipment.  With the EpiPro's large batch size, productivity is greatly enhanced. 

100mm 35 wafers/load per chamber
125mm 24 wafers/load per chamber
150mm 18 wafers/load per chamber
200mm 8 wafers/load per cahmber

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 00.18.26.png


The EpiPro 5000 incorporates field-proven system components with state-of-the-art design features to increase uptime and facilitate system maintenance and troubleshooting.  These factors combine to create a system with greater than 95% uptime and make the EpiPro 5000 the most productive batch reactor in the industry.

The combination of dual reactor design, minimal footprint, larger batch size, low cost serviceability and high reliability create the lowest cost per wafer.

Minimal Footprint

The EpiPro 5000 has been designed to maximise cleanroom space usage. Compact system dimensions, as well as the elimination of the need for side access, allow for the most efficient use of space available.  The EpiPro systems can be installed side by side, allowing for an additional 30% floorspace savings.  These features plus 95% or greater uptime, combine to give the EpiPro 5000 the lowest cost of ownership within this equipment class.



The EpiPro 5000 is easily controlled and programmed using the touchscreen computer interface.  Process logs are also available through the touchscreen or a printer can be attached.  Ask about how the software can be customised to suit your companies needs.