The introduction of the EpiPro 5000IG epitaxial reactor was due to the ever increasing demand for thicker epi applications such as IGBT's.  Together with our biggest customer in the USA we developed a reactor version that improves the process performance and the throughput for customers, who mainly deposit thick epi layers in the range of 50µm to 100+µm for these power device applications.

The standard EpiPro 5000 was modified to become the EpiPro 5000IG that allows both chambers of the system to be run independently and therefore increasing the operational efficiency of the system to improve the throughput for such applications.  A second generator was added and the single control system was modified to control the parallel processing. 

The gas cabinet was modified to give the customer the opportunity to run any kind of process on both reactor sides in parallel.   The productivity increase is in the area of 20% to 40% dependent upon the thickness of the epi layer, the growth rate and the wafer diameter.  The footprint of the EpiPro 5000IG is the same as of the standard EpiPro 5000, however in the greyroom the customer will have to provide space for the second generator.

EpiPro 5000IG reactors have already been installed at our customers in the USA and Asia.