Thermco Systems expands global operations with acquisition of CSD Epitaxy

Thermco Systems Ltd, a division of Tetreon Technologies of Washington, West Sussex, UK, has acquired CSD Epitaxy Inc of Fremont, CA, USA, which makes the Epi-pro epitaxy batch reactor.

Founded in 1962 and having one of the largest installed bases of over 30,000 horizontal tubes worldwide, Thermco Systems manufactures atmospheric and LPCVD furnaces for the semiconductor, power, MEMS, nanotechnology, LED and photovoltaic markets

The acquisition is part of Thermco’s longer-term strategy to extend its global footprint and the capabilities it can now provide to its global customer base throughout the UK, Europe, USA and China. Customers can now benefit from a wider range of semiconductor manufacturing solutions, including:

•horizontal and vertical thermal reactors,

•batch-epitaxy reactors,

•chemical wet-benches,


•four-point probe

•gas cabinets

•next-generation control systems.


“Our customers recognise the high quality of our products, our innovation and the attention to detail we apply during the manufacturing process, together with the high level of customer service we deliver,” claims Thermco Systems’ managing director Andrew Conning. “Our growth ambitions are focused on strengthening this proposition. Expanding our operations through acquisitions of businesses such as CSD-Epitaxy allows us to build our relevance to our customers in parallel with our capability to deliver a full range of high-end solutions.”