The perfect team — meet some of our key members.

Andrew Goode
President / CEO / Vice President Sales & Marketing

Andrew Goode is the President/CEO of CSD.  Previously he held the positions of Managing Director and European Epi Sales Manager with Mattson Technology Ltd for 4 years.  Prior to Mattson, Andrew was Managing Director of Concept Systems Design Europe from 1989-1999.  Before Concept Systems, he held senior management positions at Dage GB Ltd and Leybold Heraeus Ltd.  Andrew has over 40 years of senior management experience in the semiconductor industry.

Thomas Spindler
Vice President Customer Support / Manager Process Support

Thomas Spindler is the Vice President of Customer Support.  For 4 years, Thomas was the European Service Manager of epitaxy equipment for Mattson Technology.  Prior to Mattson, Thomas held service management and technical service positions at Concept Systems Design Europe, Lam Research GmbH, Gemini Research GmbH, and PBN Electronics.  Thomas has 30 years of service experience in the epi industry.

Donald Yoshikawa
Vice President Administration & HR

Donald Yoshikawa is responsible for Marketing as well as Administration for the company.  Prior to joining CSD Epitaxy, he held marketing management positions in the semiconductor capital equipment industry at Mattson Technology, Steag CVD, and AG Associates.

Glenn Pfefferkorn
Vice President Manufacturing & Engineering

Glenn Pfefferkorn is the VP of Engineering and Manufacturing at CSD.  Glenn has held key management positions at Mattson Technology, Concept Systems Design, Lam Research and Gemini Research.  Glenn was one of the founders of Gemini Research and Concept Systems Design, and has provided a wealth of technical expertise to these companies.  Prior to Gemini Research, he held an engineering position at Applied Materials.