From its inception, the growth of the semiconductor industry has been largely driven by innovation, technological achievement and raw determination.  Semiconductor manufacturers have continually pushed the window of technology, productivity and cost of ownership by producing faster, better and cheaper chips.


CSD Epitaxy continues the Gemini legacy of providing robust production equipment and excellent customer service.  The market challenges for epitaxial service providers and silicon wafer manufacturers continue to require dedicated equipment and service suppliers.  CSD Epitaxy provides its customers with advanced technological strength through its process equipment and technical support service to leading companies.  CSD Epitaxy is dedicated to the epitaxial customers and contributing to the success of the customers.

Today, in a more mature industry, as many IC manufacturers implement technologies below 16nm while increasing wafer size to 300mm, there is increasing market pressure to balance the growing demand for state-of-the-art manufacturing technology with the need for return on investment.


CSD Epitaxy combines its technological innovation and strong industrial experience to create an epitaxy tool to meet today's demanding production requirements.  The dual-station EpiPro 5000 silicon epitaxy deposition reactor reactor is designed to meet the industry's need for processing larger wafers with tighter device geometrics while reducing the cost of epi processing.  The EpiPro 5000 combines leading-edge technology with the field proven capabilities of the highly successful Gemini series reactors (over 120 systems are installed around the world).



Product Advantages

High throughput
Greater flexibility for multiple recipes
Low CoO
Extension of proven Gemini design

Superior Process Capabilities

Extremely sharp doping transition
Excellent uniformity in thickness and resistivity
Widest range for thickness and resistivity

Industry Leading Productivity

Large batch sizes and dual station design provide high throughput
Reduced space requirements and high throughput reduces cost per wafer
Low consumable cost and ease of maintenance reduce CoO

World Class Support

Worldwide service and spares support